The fresh NFL season has provided dozens of story lines as teams find themselves in vastly different positions, with some finding early success and others enduring catastrophic meltdowns. This drama unfolds yearly in the National Football League, but there is one team that seems to be immune from all the chaos: the New England Patriots. Since Bill Belichick became the team’s head coach in 2000, the Patriots have served as an excellent example of Information Measurement Theory (IMT) in action. Various aspects of the Patriots’ performance and their structure underscore how the team exemplifies IMT.

The team is renowned for its meticulous preparation, which demonstrates their understanding of the Event as well as the Natural Laws. Since an event can only happen one way and natural laws govern how initial conditions produce the final outcome, the Patriots have developed a remarkable way to minimize decision-making and thereby minimize risk when they face intense in-game situations. The Patriots prepare in a way that maximizes the amount of information they have at their disposable. Their research into opposing teams’ strategies, tendencies, strengths, and weaknesses is legendary—if not infamous. Moreover, the team practices in every condition possible—lots of noise, high snow, pouring rain, muddy fields, and anything else Belichick can imagine—so that they have as much information as possible on how these conditions can affect various aspects of a football game. Thus, when the Patriots encounter these situations in a game, they already have the information on what is going to happen as a result, which minimizes the amount of decisions they have to make and thus minimizes their risk.

gty_brady_belichick_kb_150121_16x9_992Despite the numerous controversies and scandals that the Patriots have encountered over the past decade, their approach never changes. Even though they are at the center of many NFL investigations and journalistic reports, they never attempt to influence any outside figure or entity because they know that these entities will behave in the same way regardless of what the Patriots attempt. While other NFL teams such as the Bills and Seahawks deliberately try to rile opponents with brash trash talk and intimidating tactics, the Patriots do not try to influence other players or teams. In addition, the Patriots always take a Know-Nothing approach by constantly reevaluating their strategies as well as seeking out expertise. For instance, the Patriots are the only team in the NFL to employ someone in the position of Director of Football Research. The man who occupies this position, Ernie Adams, has little experience in football or coaching, but Belichick and the team are said to follow his insights precisely nonetheless. The New England Patriots exemplify a thorough application of the IMT, which is why they continue to encounter such tremendous success.

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