140123 Money

In the hustle and bustle of the new generation
The average is less; the genius, a sensation
High scores begotten are the fruits less rotten
Fate has no chance when history is unforgotten

Prices are up and college is in business
Lofty goals conquer our Leonidas witless
The flower girl sprinkles withered leaves, not of ivy
From willingly stained path steps Truth, behind Envy

The American dream, now on the wait list
The fiscally sound, silenced; Gates pillaged at home
Foundations are plotted from an elegant wrist
Greed fuels the eternal fire in Rome

What happens, happens
The past will always be gone
Everything happens for a reason
It is best to move on

Comments (4)

  1. Tej Hendel


    Hey Chuck, nice job on the poem! I gotta say, you made a good point about how in today’s societal views, wealth and achievements are what dictate the success of a person. Mainly, we must simply adapt to the changing views that society has on its people.

  2. Reply

    I like that this poem hits on the fact that the world is changing extremely fast. The entire world revolves around numbers and money now. Most people are not judged for who they are, but what stats or numbers they have produced. It is truly best to just accept change, because there is no way to avoid it.

  3. Saud ALmutairi


    This is a great poem. realistically, indeed the American dream is not what it use to be. As a student from another country I had a wrong perception about the actual American dream. now I know how hard it is to achieve the American dream. thanks for the amazing words.

  4. Michael Boehringer


    Chuck, I think that was an awesome poem. The only question I have is about you last verse. Yes, I agree that the past is the past, but it should not be forgotten. Instead, we should use our past to elevate our present.

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