What is the secret to life? In a popular book titled ” The Secret” it explains that the secret to life is the law of attraction. The law of attraction is a natural law that has always existed. It states that “like attracts like” or in other words similar things gravitate towards each other. If we understand the law of attraction we can better understand why things happen to us and seek for better things in the future. This concept goes along with IMT perfectly. If we attract everything that comes into our lives, then we can conclude that we control our own destiny. The true secret to life is that we control our own destiny, we are the captain of our souls.

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  1. Chara Farquharson


    I stumbled across this documentary film six years ago but didn’t quite grasp the whole concept. I wasn’t ready just yet. I needed a bit more time to grow in my truth. Two years after discovering the film, I came across the book while perusing my favorite used and out-of-print bookstore. After purchasing and reading the book, I watched the film a second time. It was then that I really began to grasp the concepts of life, universal law. We truly are the creators of our own reality which fits into IMT.

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