150616 Bruce LeeEveryone is capable of achieving greatness. Bruce Lee demonstrates that applying limits to oneself even on something minor can lead to a life full of limits. Life does has its plateaus that can be seemingly impossible to pass sometimes. However, once a plateau is surpassed it will always be followed by a period of exponential growth. The great people of the world have realized that plateaus are only a temporary obstacle. Even though you may not always be able to see the top of the plateau, the top does exist. Once a person realizes limits are only a mental block they can achieve maximum potential and become an expert.

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    Putting Limits in any or every activity of your daily life leads you to be in your comfort zone. You can’t extend your limits overnight. It is a gradual process and it is definite that the road would not be amiable to what you are right now and what you were in the comfort zone. WE CREATE OUR OWN LIMITS. We all want to sit back and live an easy life. Well, that is not a life you can be proud of. Every person has his/her own limits but it is up to you how to use your skills and ‘Break’ that limit.

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