doctors-video-games-successful-surgeryA series of studies analyzed at an American Psychological Association in Boston have suggested that video games accelerate problem-solving and reaction skills in younger students and in surgeons increase the capabilities required for laparoscopic surgery, a complex form of surgery that involves micro-incisions, video feeds, and robotic controls. One study claimed that of 33 surgeons, “those who played video games were 27% faster at advanced surgical procedures and made 37% fewer errors than those who didn’t.” In fact, Gentile, a head researcher in the study, drew the conclusion that “The single best predictor of their skills is how much they had played video games in the past and how much they played now. Those were better predictors of surgical skills than years of training and number of surgeries performed.”

p032lrfhHowever, IMT teaches us that all information is available, and people have Type A and Type C personalities. If the potential to be a great surgeon is already embedded in someone’s genetic makeup, then video games do not create better surgeons. Contrary to what the study suggests, a more acceptable conclusion may be to claim that people who play video games fit the mental requirements that make a great surgeon, or that the video games themselves, given an appropriate amount of time, provide the environment and requisites that an epigenome could utilize to accelerate the development of traits beneficial to being a surgeon.



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