There has always been a lot of controversy over video games since their creation. In order to try and regulate these video games the ESRB created a rating system in which they rate all of their games. Based on the content, violence being a key criteria, all video games are given a rating. Although each video game is given a rating, these ratings are not usually followed in our society. Often little children will find their way into playing video games intended for ages 17+.

Along with the new generation of children that were being exposed to more violent video games, claims arose that these violent video games were actually influencing the children to be violent. Incidents like the Columbine massacre placed the public totally against these violent video games. Violence in video games became a heated topic in which much research was done but the results were inconclusive. The experts came out with many different opinions they formulated but no direct conclusion were made. No expert could make a solid conclusion due to the fact that each child is so different. Ultimately, I don’t believe violent video games influence children to commit violent acts but I believe that each child’s moral compass (which they learn from their parents) determines whether they will commit violent crimes.

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