pexels-photo-largeI have heard other students talk about how they wake up early and have found many positives from it. This semester, my classes have been later than past semesters, and I have found that I have a harder time getting up as early as I used to. Now, no matter when I have class I would like to wake up around the same time every day and start my day off with something that is somewhat productive. Whether that is working out, meditation, reading the news, or even cooking an actual breakfast.

One of the notable benefits to waking up early is sustaining a healthy diet. It is found that those who wake up early do not skip breakfast, and therefore, are not as hungry as the day goes on. When someone skips breakfast, their body goes into “starvation mode” and the first meal they eat may often be overeaten and include junk food that the body is craving. Another benefit to waking up early is the positive impact it has on one’s mental health. When one wakes up earlier, they are not rushed in the morning and not starting their days off in a sour mood. Studies have shown that “morning people” are often more positive and optimistic as they are experiencing more satisfaction in their lives. A benefit that I will make a goal to reach is that early risers enjoy the quiet time in the morning. Quiet time alone in the house or during the commute to work can do wonders for one’s well-being.

Relating this to IMT, I can see the Cycle of Learning at work. I would argue that anyone who wakes up early to order their thoughts, practice mediation or prayer, or even reading self-help books or religious text would learn more about themselves. I think the peace and understanding would be perceived and processed, which could be later applied during the day when different events occur. There will be change in that person’s disposition.



Top 7 Benefits Of Waking Up Early

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