Have you ever drank water from the tap in Tempe or Phoenix, Arizona? As a group we wondered whether or not it was sanitary to drink the water from the tap. As we did research we found some interesting facts that we didn’t know.  About 95% percent of our water comes from lakes and rivers. It then goes through a water treatment plant which is tested by three different agencies to check for quality. In the end the water is delivered to the people. The water is very safe to drink from tap but a few suggestions to make it taste better would be to refrigerator the water, buy a filter, or put a slice of lemon in it.  Our end conclusion is that although it might not taste the best, the water in Phoenix and Tempe is safe to drink!

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  1. J.G.


    I have lived here for 1.5 years and never drank from the tap because i was told the water contained lead. I always thought it was unsafe to drink. That is why you should not listen to all the people who claim to be experts but are not.

  2. Reply

    This article is very helpful as well as interesting. Water should be available for everyone and no one should ever have to pay for water. But unfortunately that is not the world we are living in. And even though we are living in the desert we should appreciate the water availability but instead we are consuming it like it would be available forever. The fact that 95% of our water comes from lakes and rivers we should use it wisely, considering that not us but also the wild life and the environment is dependent to it as well.

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