we cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them - Albert Einstein

This quote applies to those who can’t see the world around them. When people are blind they likely look at problems only one way. This way of thought is probably the same way that got them into the problem to begin with. When a person is a visionary they can take in information from all directions and use reason and logic to solve problems. Thinking the same way about different problems will never work. It is the same way that some people are taught only to look at small details. Then when those details change, the new problem is unsolvable because the small details are different. Only paying attention to the small details will blind you.

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  1. Adriana Nelson


    I have to agree with the author of this article when it comes to describing this quote. With IMT, we learned that people can be blind to their surroundings, and those that are blind tend to blame others for their problems instead of accepting what they did wrong and learn from those mistakes. When we are trying to solve a problem that we are faced with in our own lives, we won’t get anywhere near solving it if we are stuck in the same mind set. We must branch out from what we think we know, accept what we don’t, and learn to grow.

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