Now entering my last year at ASU and fast-approaching the “real world” I’ve been questioning my wants more and more. The question then turns to why do we want what we want? Which seems to only be answered by presenting another question: what do we want? Of course, all humans will want the basic needs, but once these are met and we are finally able to sit and ponder on “what’s next?” what controls what goes through our minds?

colbert-with-story-of-stuff-cropIt seems as if our lack of understanding where we’re going and who we are creates a whirlpool of confusion within us. This whirlpool sucks in any thoughts, ideas, beliefs or anything pertaining to what makes us happy because, in reality, not a lot of people stop and think. We, the ones presented with this information, seek more and we are not happy with just “going with the flow” because we recognize “the flow” doesn’t make us happy. “The flow” simply pushes you along and seems to shape you through socialization making you want more and more useless things through the everyday bombardment of ads on a screen. But some of us, the ones who stop and think, the same ones capable of distancing ourselves and seeing everything from 30,000 feet, do not clog our whirlpool with meaningless crap being sold to us like the majority of the world.

We will not be happy until we find the understanding and tolerance within us to realize some people will just “go with the flow” of our consumerist culture and thus we will search elsewhere for our happiness.

It will not be easy, but it will be worth it.

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