What would happen if we controlled our own lives? What would happen if we created our own salary at work? What would happen if we decided what to learn about in school?

Ricardo Semler uses simple logic to break down the traditional organization structure that is predominately used in business. He challenges the rule and control based structures that are used in school, business and life. The question that started his radical ideas was ” Why is it done that way?” With this question he was able to find simple wisdom in creating a business and school system with almost “no rules”.


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    Mr. Semler showed traits of a visionary when he posed the question “Why is it done that way” in reference to the modern business and education models that are in use today. He was able to radically change his business and also how students are taught.
    By altering his business model, he was able to allow his workers to become persons who determine their environments.
    By allowing the students to create their own rules, the students were able to shed the feeling of being controlled, they themselves become in control of their lives.
    These are concepts that we learn in IMT that were put to use to change accepted methods, and as could be predicted, worked very well.

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