whatifThink about where you are today; the people that surround you, the work that you do, the places that you’ve been to – and imagine what could have happened, or how your life could have been altered, had you done one thing differently. As an example, I worked as a First-Year Success Coach mentoring college freshman last year. In that role, we had the school’s Financial Aid Office come and speak to us, so that we were better educated and better equipped to work with our students’ and their unique situations. During that speech, I learned about the Obama Scholars Program, which covers all tuition and extra costs of attending the university. After hearing about the program criteria and taking a second to think about it, a certain thought came to my mind: “Why didn’t I get this?” To make a long story short – it turns out they actually forgot about me during my freshman year, and I was reimbursed enough to pay off all of my student loans. Had I not been a coach, had I not been paying attention during that presentation, or had I not had the determination to follow-up afterwards…I would never have had this wonderful opportunity.

“I never regret anything. Because every little detail of your life is what made you into who you are today”

– Drew Barrymore

As we have learned in class, we have control over our own lives and outside factors can never truly have an influence on us and on our decisions. If an individual is unhappy about his or her situation, they need to do something about it. They have the ability and any and all information they need to positively change their lives is available to them; they just have yet to discover it. It’s similar to the common question that people ask one another all the time – “If a tree falls in a forest but nobody was there to hear it: did it make a noise?” Of course it did. That’s like saying that all of your problems will go away if you simply ignore them…and as much as we wish that was true, it is simply a false hope.

Happenings in life, defined as Events by Information Measurement Theory (IMT), only occur one way. This seems like such a simple concept considering the fact that things have already happened, and no matter how much we would like to change the past, it is simply not possible. If you give it some thought, it ties in very well with the idea that everything happens for a reason. People want to believe that they could have done things differently, but the reality is that what happened, did indeed happen – and there was a reason for that. Every person controls their life and their actions and can indeed influence their own future events. Once they have happened, however, they have indeed occurred and they were only meant to happen in that one, particular way. How can anybody argue that things should have, or could have, gone differently? If you’re skeptical, consider this: there is absolutely no way to know for sure what could have happened, or should have happened, if something occurred differently in the past. So why worry about it? Try to understand and accept the notion that it was meant to be.

calvinDon’t stress yourself out.

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