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South East Asian Leaders:

I hope you have had a good productive month. I hope you were able to put forth effort to change one thing in your life for the better! If you have, please email me and let me know.

Change is difficult, because it is destabilizing. It causes you to do something that you are not familiar with and often times leads people to become stressed, fearful, or even depressed. Unless, you can see a vision of your life and have an understanding of how great you are.

I saw my sister go through this many times in her life. The song I played for you when you visited Dr. Dean’s home was written for her when she was going through a tough time of change and she was worried. I also wrote her a letter, which I will share a part of with you. All of you are very similar to her and it applies to you as well:

As I have seen you go through your struggles, I know you don’t worry as much anymore, but I also know you question where your life will take you. You know, the more I see, the more I realize, many people dream about being great, but very few people are, but you are one of the great ones. 🙂 It is in you, it is nothing you have to gain, it’s not something you have, it’s something you are. 🙂

However, out of all the things you were meant for in life, I think it is important that you know, the greatest thing you were meant for is to be adored. To be adored means, to be, loved, honoured, admired, esteemed, cherished, revered, and doted on. This does not mean to be adored by one person that would not be enough, it is to be adored by everyone.

kashiwagi, leadership, leadaz, arizona, high school, highschoolIt is not easy to be adored, it takes a lot, it is not something that comes naturally to women (and even less naturally to men), because it takes someone who is intelligent, knows themselves, understands others, and has the self control and discipline to know when she (or he) needs to rest, it takes a tempered person.

When a person works too hard, they feel cheated.
When they don’t work enough, they feel useless.
When they receive too much attention, they feel they are more than they are.
When they do not receive enough, they feel they are less.
When they over indulge, they feel empty.
When they don’t indulge enough, they feel worthless.

That is the irony to life, that everyone goes through “tough” times in their life. The difference is that:

1. Some people, due to their goodness and temperance, look back and realize how blessed they have been and how far they have come, and it radiates from them, people can feel it, it is attractive, it is inspiring, it is adoring.

2. Others, look back and remember the pain, the sadness, the anger, and the regret, because they didn’t have enough or they had too much.

You were meant to be adored. It is not something you have to prove, or something you have to do, it is just who you are.

It is my hope that all of you are able to have a greater vision and realize how special you are. What makes a person special is not what they do, but who they are. Remember it is not because you do something great that you are special. It is because you are special that you are able to do something great! You were born that way. People who have value do not need to chase after opportunities, opportunities find people who have value.


-Dr. Jacob S. Kashiwagi, 6/1/2018

What You Were Meant For, Lyrics

Life can bring such pain
The kind of pain that never goes away
And life can bring such sadness
The kind the opens up the sky with rain

And some people were meant to have to fight, through the darkness of this life.
And some people were meant to have to struggle through, but those people weren’t you.

And you weren’t meant to have to witness, the depression of an unfair existence
You weren’t meant to have to feel that way.
And you weren’t meant be alone, as you travel through this lonely world
You were meant for more than that.

But if ever you have to wonder what you were meant for
You were meant to be adored.

Life can bring such regret
The kind that never lets you to forget
Life can bring such anger
The kind you take with you unto your death

But, you weren’t meant to have to remember all the mistakes that this life has rendered
And you weren’t meant to forever wonder, why
Or to keep anger pent up inside, for all that this life couldn’t provide.
You were meant to see, you were meant to be amazing.

You were meant to walk above the clouds.
You were meant to stick out of the crowd.
You were meant to be a star, but, you were never meant to fall.

You were meant to be royalty
You were meant to experience all that this life could bring
You were meant to be so much and more.

But, If ever you have to wonder what you were meant for
You were meant to be adored.

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