Studies have shown if you live by people you are close to, you will be happier. Also, if the people around you are healthy, odds are you will be healthy as well.

“The place where you live quite literally determines who you can surround yourself with- in a way that not even the Internet can replicate”. This is why “would-be fashionistas or financiers flock to New York, fledgling politicos head to D.C., and aspiring actors to L.A.”

This relates to the IMT principle of Who Is On My Molecule. The environment is the person and the person is the environment. IMT says you are who is around you, and vice versa, which this article confirms. We can apply this to our lives by recognizing who is around us and adjusting accordingly. This refutes the idea of chance (since who is around you ultimately determines how far you advance) and helps us better understand IMT and our world.

Does surrounding ourselves with creative people make us more creative, or do creative people surround us because we are creative?



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  1. Andy Shriver


    I like how the article hints that the people around us, or the environment we create for ourselves, affect us in “subtly major ways” such as our ideas, our behavior, and our future as well as our health and innovation/productivity. This ties back directly to the perception of influence vs. no influence and WIOMM in that one is truly responsible for their environment. This ties back to the article in discussing productivity and brain hubs as well.

  2. Bianca Varda


    This is a great example of how “Who Is On My Molecule” can be seen in everyday life. We surround ourselves with creative people who foster a happy, healthy environment for us. Rather than the environment determining the person, the person has the ability choose the environment that best suits him/her.

  3. Stephen Phelps


    “Birds of feather flock together”, this article further illustrates the power of the WIOMM model. It is so interesting to note how an individual’s environment is in all reality a reflection of who they truly are themselves. I have always felt that I have been blessed with good friends but as I have learned the concepts of IMT I have observed that the reason that I am surrounded with good friends is because I try to be a good friend to them. That is to say that I am surrounded by good friends because that is what I am or try to be myself and my friends are a reflection of those efforts. By being able to identify our friends and those people that we allow into our lives we can observe more about who we are and why we would attract those specific individuals according to the way we live our lives. This concept can be life-changing.

  4. K. Johnson


    I believe the people who surround us have a tendency to promote or diminish our inherent characteristics; but only in ways we want. That is to say, it’s easier to see the good in something when you’re looking for it, and the same goes for the bad. Although the ideas of “good” and “bad” are relative, it’s certainly true that our personality reflects the things we focus on. And, just as our personality reflects these things, so too does every other aspect of our reality, including our friends.

  5. Camille Armendariz


    I have always thought that a person’s close friends say a lot about who that person is as well and this article reinforced that idea. You never really see low life criminals being best friends with CEOs of multimillion dollar companies! I think that this is a great example of you are your environment and your environment is you and shows how you have control over your environment. In response to the question at the end of the summary, I believe that surrounding ourselves with creative people makes us more creative and that creative people surround us because we are creative as well. They go hand in hand. I also thought it was interesting to think how aspiring actors got to LA and politicians go to DC etc. because it shows how “birds of a feather flock together”.

  6. Haitham


    I agree with the article and I would that not when we be around creative people we will be creative, also when being by ourselves we can be creatives but the only thing we need is to think. thinking is the way to be creative and make yourself happy. people need to surrounded by other people and have sometimes by them self to think because think is the way to everything people will like and be happy about like and never regret it.

  7. Teja


    This article clearly deals WIOMM concept of IMT, I strongly believe that, we create our environment, our environment does not create us. So I agree with the same mentioned in the article like actors going to LA and all, so surrounding ourselves with creative people does not make us more creative. Its the same concept WIOMM like people attract each other, so people whom you like most are the ones who make you happy, so are the friends.

  8. mohammad alsaif


    Human beings usually want to accelerate with their friends on what are their doing, so that he or she will not feel that there are in darkness. we can see it in kids when they see anything that with there friends they want the same so that they feel they are socially acceptable. This agree with the IMT principle who is in my molecule.

  9. Matthew Langford


    I think that this is a great article and I am a huge believer in associating yourself with good people and family. We need to associate ourselves as much as we can with those that we love and those that make us the happiest. This article really does show the application of “Who Is On My Molecule.” As we have talked in class, if we associate ourselves with bad people or people that do things that we do not entirely agree with, it will not be long until we are doing those things as well.

  10. Anna T.


    I think that you consciously or unconsciously seek out and surround yourself with people who create an environment that you know or are comfortable in. For example if you are raised in a chaotic, abusive home you will likely seek out (consciously or unconsciously) this type of environment because it is what you know you can function within. If L.A. provides opportunities for aspiring actors it makes sense that many aspiring actors would be drawn there. It is likely that we are drawn to environments that offer us what we are looking for rather than to each other, however it does not necessarily mean we are completely unaffected by our surroundings. For example, have you ever seen an unhappy dog in a happy home, or a happy dog in an unhappy home? From the research I have done on happiness as well as my own experiences I believe both scenarios do happen to different degrees in most people.

  11. Ethan


    This article is a perfect example of WIOMM. You create your environment, your environment does not create you. Its not surprising to find that healthy and happy people are found together in the same group of friends. Could the same be said for unhealthy and depressed people? That would be an interesting study of extremes using the IMT principals.

  12. Serb Brar


    I agree mostly with Caleb as there is definitely both a negative and positive feedback mechanism that makes us work to be acceptable to the people who surround us. However, each individual chooses which feedback is more important to them, that is if I was more focused on knitting than working out, I would respond more to the feedback towards my knitting as opposed to the results of my lackluster weightlifting program. Therefore, we actually choose who we want to emulate and make us happy instead of being influenced by random people in our lives.

  13. Caleb Vanderploeg


    I believe that the main cause of this is the human desire to be accepted by those around us. If I was surrounded by people who exercise a lot I would fear judgement from others if I did not exercise often. If I was surrounded by people who were driven to be rich and successful I would fear ridicule if I just sat around and did nothing all day. This is how people work in every situation and it stems from the evolutionary need to be accepted and protected by others to survive. The people around us have the biggest impact on who we are as a person.

  14. Nick Galles


    I believe that we would surround ourselves with more creative people because we are already creative. I think this is a great article to show how we create our own environment rather than the environment creating who we are. Great connection to “Who is on my Molecule”.

  15. Max


    This is a great article. I am always surprised to see that studies such as these so clearly validate IMT, yet most of the world is still blind. In fact, such information is so dominant that it is all around us. Empirical examples consistently validate that who we choose ( not simply chance or control) strongly demonstrates what time of person we are. Birds of a feather flock together.

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