Choices in life are an interesting phenomenon. We imagine that we are at a cross roads, with multiple possibilities open to us in the future. But, in reality there is only one future, the one you choose. It doesn’t matter what choice you make, that choice is the only choice you would have made, the only choice you should have made and the only choice that matters. Too many people fret about the choices they have already made, they lock themselves into the past through guilt and regret. But, what they need to realize is that the choice they made was the correct choice. The only choice. Time flows linearly, in a straight line, with no branches, loops or dead ends – if this is true then all choices are null and void except the one you choose. Sadly, it doesn’t seem that way – I know from experience the regret and guilt of choosing the “wrong choice” and having to live with the consequences. But, if you can free yourself from this misplaced guilt and regret then you can get up and face any consequences that have arisen head on. The only way through hardship is forward into the future, keep this in mind as you travel your path through life.

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  1. Tamir Shargal


    Short, sweet, and to the point. To quote Yoda in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, “Do or do not; there is no try.” Simply put, there should be no hesitation, no questioning, and no decision-making involved, because these all lead to risk, which is caused by uncertainty and, most potently, by fear. This is why I liked that you said that all choices in past are null and void except the choice that you make in the present moment. You must be mindful and cognizant of every moment, accruing all the information that you can, so that you can predict others and reduce risk. This is the key. Thank you for your thoughtful post.

  2. Sarah Bunch


    I related a lot to this piece. I decided, at some point in junior high, that I was going to live without any regrets. Now, that didn’t mean doing anything and everything that I wanted. It just meant that I would accept my choices as fact and live with the consequences. As I saw it, if I thought that my final choice was the right one when I decided on it, then it had to be the right one regardless of what I thought about it after the fact. And this decision on how to deal with my choices has been one of the best decisions in my life. When I try explaining this thought process to friends, they often question my line of thinking, saying that it’s too rash or irresponsible and that I should at least feel guilty when it really was a truly bad decision. But the guilt just isn’t worth it. Acknowledging that it may have been a poor choice is acceptable because it means that you are aware of why it was a poor choice and are set on addressing the consequences. But losing sleep over it won’t help with anything. You always make the right choice for yourself because you choose it.

  3. Reply

    I always think life is full of hard choices. I feel struggled when I have to make a decision and I usually imagine what will happen if I choose other alternatives. Just as the post mentioned, people find it hard to make a choice simply because they are afraid of the consequences.

  4. Shane C.


    I like this post. I never really thought of the idea that time flows linearly, this is very interesting. Thanks for sharing.

  5. William


    I think the overall reason that people dwell on their past decisions lies in their inability to accept the consequences of their actions. Rather than recognize there is nothing they can do to change the present, they live their lives looking to the past and wondering what could have been. Before this mindset can truly be accepted people need to become more accountable.

  6. Ruthie


    I believe this blog post brings up an extremely significant point regarding choices. Something I too have struggled with is the worry that my decision was not the right one, and dealing with that feeling of guilt, when in reality “time flows linearly”. I believe that once individuals understand and embrace this concept, they can work on themselves to make choices and realize that they are the right ones.

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